About Ellen

Dr. Margolis photoDr. Ellen Margolis received a Masters degree in Counseling at San Diego State University and a PhD in Psychology from United States International University, in San Diego, California.  Additional training includes an intensive three-year post-doctoral training prograim in psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults and an intensive two-year post-doctoral training program in psychodynamic psychotherapy for children and adolescents. Read Ellen’s personal statement on psychotherapy. 

As a provider of psychotherapy, including treatment for depression, anxiety, and life transitions, Dr. Margolis has served the San Diego community for 30 years. Her diverse mental health career has involved work in both the public sector as well as independent private practice:

After helping found the San Diego Family Stress Center, the first center for the treatment of child abuse, neglect, and molestation in San Diego County, Dr. Margolis served there as therapist and then treatment director for over seven years. Physical and sexual abuse of children and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in children, adolescents and adults were the primary focus of psychotherapy at this facility.

Dr. Margolis has provided counseling services for independent private adoptions, both to birthmothers in their decision-making process, as well as to adoptive families integrating birthmothers into their thinking and at times into their lives. She has also counseled many adoptees later in life as they work through issues resulting from their adoption.

At a residential crisis center for drug-involved mental health patients, Dr. Margolis supervised graduate level interns and staff for eight years. Residents there were “dual diagnosis” patients, struggling primarily with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety along with alcohol and drug abuse or dependence, brought on by early life trauma.

In the area of weight loss treatment, Dr Margolis has assessed patients for their psychological safety in undergoing bariatric surgery for ten years.

Dr. Margolis has been in independent private practice for over 30 years in the San Diego area. Her practice has served a broad population; including adults, adolescents, and couples; in a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, and life transitions.