Areas of Focus

Services Offered: Individual therapy, couples therapy

Populations served:
Adults of all ages, including older adults

I have been honored as a psychologist with the experience of participating in my patients’ struggles, and of witnessing the inherent strength and resilience with which they respond.  Through my career in psychology, I have worked with a wide spectrum of issues and individuals of all ages. I understand that symptoms of anxiety and depression are signals for help. Therapy can offer that help.

Therapy focusing predominantly with an immediate crisis or life issue such as the end of a relationship, a life transition, or illness is most often short-term therapy. Therapy addressing underlying ways of coping may be longer term.  Different therapeutic philosophies, such as behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or psychodynamic psychotherapy, use different techniques.  I offer both short- and long-term therapy using an eclectic approach, meaning I tailor my therapy to each individual, usually using a combination of methods. Because symptoms in some people have a biochemical component, I often partner with a psychiatrist for medication evaluation.

Central to psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship, in which the individual is listened to and heard in ways that lead to understanding experiences in a new light, and to valuing oneself more deeply. In our fast-paced world, others infrequently take time to listen to us, and we often have not learned to or do not take time to listen to ourselves. Psychotherapy provides this opportunity. If you are considering psychotherapy please call me at (619) 295-7094 or email me at to discuss how I can help you.