Older Adults

As the population ages there is greater awareness of the stages, challenges and complexities of older age.  We are living longer and healthier lives with the capacity to continue many of our favorite activities into our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and sometimes even into our 90’s. At the same time, there are new and challenging experiences.  For example, many who expected to retire and relax at 65 are instead finding themselves worrying about money while still working. None of us side-steps the issues issues of aging, fears of dependency, and the need to absorb losses of many kinds.

Fortunately, a lifetime of experience brings with it the potential to cope with situations which earlier in life would have brought only frustration and angst.  Even those who have no previous experience with psychotherapy, find the experience at this time of life helpful in navigating the path through older age.  As in all life transitions, looking back to resolve lingering resentments, disappointments, or regrets frees one to move forward.  Working at this with the long-term perspective afforded by older age can be a very gratifying process. If you are interested in starting psychotherapy, please call me at (619) 295-7094 or email me at ebmarg@sbcglobal.net.