Is Therapy Right for Me?

There are times in everyone’s life where therapy can be helpful.

  • The time might be when for some unclear reason you feel out of sorts, irritable, not yourself.
  • The time might be at a period of transition, such as moving from college years to adult life, becoming a parent,  relocating to a new city, or encountering  new life challenges that are confusing or overwhelming.
  • The time might be when you find yourself behaving in ways that are unusual for you or unhealthy such as overeating, not eating, not being able to sleep, gambling, or engaging in compulsive behaviors.
  • The time might be when advice and support of family or friends are no longer sufficient.
  • The time might be when your usual ways of coping don’t work.
  • The time might be when those close to you are telling you that you should seek psychotherapy.
  • The time might be when you keep wondering if you should call to make an appointment.
If you would like to explore therapy, please call me at (619) 295-7094 or email me at to discuss how I can help you.
In the midst of Winter
 I finally learned
There was in me
An invincible summer.
– Camus