Alcoholism Checklist

If you are concerned about your consumption of alcohol, read the following questions and answer them honestly:

____ Do you have a drink containing alcohol 4 or more times a week?

____ Do you have more than 6 drinks containing alcohol do you have on a typical day when you are drinking?

____ Do you have more than 6 drinks on day?

____ Do you sometimes find it difficult to get the thought of alcohol out of your mind?

____ At any time during last year have you found that you were not able to stop drinking once you had started?

____ At any time during the last year have you been unable to remember what happened the night before because you had been drinking?

____ Do you sometimes need a first drink in the morning to get yourself going after a heavy drinking session?

____ Do you ofter have a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?

____ Have you or someone else been injured as a result of your drinking?

____ Has a relative, friend, doctor or any other health worker been concerned about your drinking or suggested you cut down?
If you answered yes to some of these statements you may be abusing or addicted to alcohol. If you have checked any statements above, you may be suffering from depression.  Please call me at (619) 295-7094 or email me at to discuss how I can help you with these issues.