Stress Checklist

Life’s transitions can be lead to stress, and produce complex emotional and psychological challeges. In the last two years, have you experienced any of the following?

_____ Death of a loved one

_____ Death of close friend

_____ Personal injury or illness

_____ Change in family member’s health

_____ Divorce or separation from a partner

_____ Family or marital conflict

_____ Marriage

_____ Marital reconciliation

_____ Pregnancy

_____ Addition to family

_____ Sexual difficulties

_____ Legal difficulties

_____ Retirement

_____ Loss of employment

_____ Change in work hours, conditions

_____ Employment change

_____ Business change

_____ Change in work responsibilities

_____ Financial changes or difficulties

_____ Starting or finishing school

_____ Change in living conditions

_____ Change in residence

_____ Change in schools

_____ Change in social activities

_____ Change in sleeping or eating

_____ Stress during holidays or family gatherings

There are times when life’s changes and pressures become difficult to tolerate. If life stresses are overwhelming, therapy can help you to “get it all out,” get perspective, support, and approach yourself and the difficulties you face in a different way. Please call me at (619) 295-7094 or email me at to discuss how I can help you with these issues.